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Mad Cow Disease IS in Canada ... damage control is flowing from the lips of politians ... hamburger, anyone?

2003.05.21 May Wednesday
From the first little bit about this that I caught on yesterday's six o'clock CBC Radio Two news , I got the impression that our government is already in full damage control mode lest the evil that humans do to animals should damage the animal mass killers' profitability.

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"Canada is the world's third largest exporter of beef, at more than half a billion kilograms a year":

From CTV eleven o'clock news yesterday ... the cow that was cow zero was rejected by an animal inspector ... because it showed only pneumonia and not Mad Cow symptoms, it died about four months ago BUT only now did they get around to testing it.

It's from Alberta, Canada and the herds of various farms graze on common land.

That should NOT be a problem because apparently it's transmitted through the cow feed and NOT from cow to cow contact.  The problem is the humans get Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease from eating infected animals.  You might call this the corpses' revenge.

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Toronto star:  "Canadians try to minimise damage":

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